I started this site as a way to give a little back to a community i've taken so much from, if I can help a single developer the way so many in the iOS community have helped me over the years it'll be worth the monthly hosting fee. There's no 'we' here, it's just me!

I started writing iOS apps a little over 10 years ago, I built a game in Objective-C with cocos2d (RIP) and I was hooked...since then i've built a few more apps for a few more companies; i've worked in finance, travel, entertainment, for startups, agencies, and corporations. You'll mostly find tips tricks and tutorials on this site, as well as some thoughts on remote work and design trends.

Hopefully you can find something here of use, it's certainly useful for me to write these things down, and if all it ends up being is a reference for me to look back on then that's good enough ✌️